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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Person calculating the cost of dental implants.

Dental implants are a worthwhile investment in the health and beauty of your smile. However, they can be exactly that: an investment.

Without a doubt, dental implants are the best option for tooth replacement if you are a candidate. Implants are far superior to dentures or bridges and are worth the investment. They feel more comfortable, preserve your other teeth and bone structure, and usually can last a lifetime. But a lot can go into a dental implant or a set of implants, and the upfront cost is higher than these other options.

What is the Cost of Dental Implants?

The cost of dental implants varies widely based on a number of factors. We will get into that in more detail below. But here are some ranges to give you an idea of what dental implants might cost.

Single Implant: $3,000-$5,800

A single implant is exactly what you would think. With a single implant, you are replacing one tooth with one implant. Even one implant can range in cost.

Bridge: $6,000-$10,000

A bridge can be supported by two implants. If you are in need of replacing multiple teeth that are next to one another, a bridge is a good option. Because much of the cost involves placing the two support implants, and the bridge replaces more than just those two teeth, a bridge will save money over multiple single implants.

All on 4: $24,000-$50,000

All on 4 are implant-supported dentures that replace all of your teeth. Again, because only 4-6 implants are placed to support the entire set of teeth, the cost is less than replacing every tooth individually with its own implant.

Why Are Implants So Expensive?

An implant is not just one piece of material. The actual implant resembles a screw and is the piece that is implanted into the jaw. The visible replacement tooth is a crown. Another structure called an abutment attaches the two. Along with the actual hardware, you have to factor in the skill of the dentist, multiple visits, diagnostics, and the possible need for a bone graft.

But remember, an implant will likely last a lifetime, while other alternatives must be replaced after a few years. Overall, an implant may actually end up costing less over time. 

Factors that Dictate Implant Cost

In addition to the number of teeth you are having replaced with implants, there are other factors that may play a role in determining the cost of your dental implants.

Bone Graft

If you do not have sufficient bone structure in your jaw to support your implant, you may require a bone graft. This is a separate surgery where donor bone tissue is added to the existing bone. While this procedure is common when it comes to preparing the mouth for dental implants, it can add to the cost of the implant process.

Your Dentist's Expertise

The expertise of the dentist performing the procedure will factor into the cost. Choosing a more experienced dentist may increase your costs. Similarly, your dentist may choose to use higher-quality materials. Of course, the quality of your dental work is important, and you want to get the best results for your investment. In addition, your geographical location plays a role. So, where you and your dentist are located may affect the cost of implants as well as other dental procedures.

Location of the Implant

Which teeth require implants may also play a role in the cost of the implant, particularly for individual implants or bridges.

Does Insurance Help?

In the past, most insurance companies deemed implants to be elective procedures and would not offer any coverage. More recently, some insurance plans are offering partial coverage. Diagnostic procedures or some preparatory steps (such as x-rays and tooth extraction) may be covered, and in some cases, a portion of the implant may be covered as well.

Financing is Available

Whether or not insurance contributes to your implants, financing is a great option. Elite Dental & Denture offers financing through CareCredit, a trusted name in medical financing.

We are experts in dental implants and other tooth replacement options. Because costs can vary so much, schedule a consultation today to evaluate your individual needs and give you a better understanding of what a dental implant might cost for your individual needs.

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