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Root Canals Specialist

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Dr. Raminder Singh

General Dentistry & Denture Specialist located in Cortland, NY

Root canals have a bad reputation, but it’s entirely undeserved. They’re actually a fairly simple procedure that’s no less comfortable than getting a filling. If you have an infected or damaged tooth, schedule an appointment with Raminder Singh, DDS, and the team at Elite Dental & Denture PC in Cortland, New York. They can restore your smile with a safe and effective root canal that will alleviate you from the pain of your infected tooth. Book your visit today by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online.

Root Canals

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure that salvages a tooth with damaged or infected pulp. In the past, the only way to treat an infected or damaged tooth was to extract it, but a root canal actually allows you to keep most of your natural oral structures intact by simply removing the damaged or infected pulp within the tooth.

Do I need a root canal?

You need a root canal if the pulp of your tooth has become infected or damaged. There are many ways to compromise your tooth’s pulp, but it most frequently happens as a result of severe tooth decay or some sort of physical trauma to your tooth that results in a deep chip or crack. 

Some of the signs that you might have damaged or infected tooth pulp include:

  • Toothache
  • Increased sensitivity to hot and cold sensations
  • Darkened or discolored tooth
  • Gums that are swollen, tender, or inflamed
  • Pus around the root of your tooth
  • A pimple on your gums
  • Bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth that won’t go away

Damaged or infected pulp doesn’t always show symptoms, however, and might only be detectable by your dentist during an exam. This is why it’s important to maintain regular checkups and cleanings with Elite Dental & Denture PC.

What can happen if I don’t get a root canal?

If left untreated, damaged or infected tooth pulp only becomes worse. Some of the conditions that can develop as a result of putting off your root canal include:

  • Infection of nearby teeth, gums, or jawbone
  • Tooth loss
  • Formation of an abscess
  • Bacteria draining through your tooth root and into your gums, cheek, or skin.

If you have a damaged or infected tooth, don’t wait for it to get worse. Contrary to its reputation, a root canal actually alleviates you from a great deal of pain and keeps your mouth healthy and functional.

What is involved in getting a root canal?

First, your dentist uses a local anesthetic to numb your tooth and the surrounding tissues. If you’re particularly nervous about the procedure, Elite Dental & Denture PC offers IV conscious sedation to keep you calm and relaxed throughout your treatment.

Once you’re anesthetized, your dentist protects your mouth with a rubber dental dam, and drills an access hole in your damaged or infected tooth. Next, they use a series of small files to remove all of the decayed pulp from within your tooth, then clean and sterilize the inside of your tooth to eradicate all traces of infection. 

They seal the inside of your tooth with a rubbery compound called gutta-percha, then fill the access hole. In most cases, your dentist also fits you with a crown to restore the strength and structure of your treated tooth and to prevent it from breaking in the future.

To learn more about how Elite Dental & Denture PC can keep your smile healthy with a safe, easy, and effective root canal, schedule a visit today by calling the office or booking online.