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Tooth Extraction Specialist

Elite Dental & Denture PC

Dr. Raminder Singh

General Dentistry & Denture Specialist located in Cortland, NY

A tooth extraction at Elite Dental & Denture in Cortland, New York is a safe, straightforward, and sterile procedure that’s probably much simpler and easier than you expect. Experienced dentist Raminder Singh, DDS, takes great care to make your experience a comfortable one. Use online appointment scheduling or call the office to book your tooth extraction today.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

When do I need a tooth extraction?

There are several situations in which you could need a tooth extraction.


When an infection takes over the tooth and its root structure, a tooth extraction is often the best solution. This kind of extraction is avoidable if you get root canal treatment before the infection invades all your tooth and root tissue.


Some kinds of trauma are treatable with crowns or other restorations. For severe trauma affecting your whole tooth and its root structure, extraction is often the only solution.

Orthodontic prep

Tooth extraction is sometimes part of the braces preparation process. If your mouth simply doesn’t have enough room to allow your teeth to shift properly, you could need one or more extractions before you get braces or other orthodontia.


In some cases, particularly with wisdom teeth, it’s best to remove teeth before they cause serious issues. When Dr. Singh checks your X-rays during your general dentistry exams, he evaluates how your wisdom teeth are positioned. Often, wisdom teeth are badly positioned or are pressuring the roots of your molars. They can affect alignment and cause serious crowding, too. You don’t need wisdom teeth, so it’s often best to get rid of them before they’re an issue. 

Although a root canal or other tooth preservation is always better than losing your tooth, there are times when you can’t avoid extraction. 

Does tooth extraction hurt?

No, because Dr. Singh and the Elite Dental & Denture team are dedicated to your comfort. Dr. Singh uses local anesthesia during the extraction.

Will I have a gap in my teeth after extraction?

You don’t have to. It’s always best to replace your missing tooth because it helps you maintain your bite and prevents alignment problems. Plus, it’s much easier to show off your smile when you don’t have a gaping hole between your teeth. 

There are a few different options for tooth replacement, including dental implants, dentures and partials, or crowns and bridges. All of these options give you a custom replacement tooth that looks and functions as a natural tooth would.

With wisdom tooth extraction, you won’t have a gap or need a replacement since the wisdom teeth are at the very back of your mouth. 

Book your tooth extraction online or by calling Elite Dental & Denture PC today.