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General Dentistry

Your oral health is a foundation for a beautiful smile and daily comfort and confidence. Elite Dental & Denture provides our patients with all the tools they need to understand their teeth and achieve excellent dental health.

Building and maintaining a healthy smile takes home care paired with regular exams. At home, you should perform daily oral hygiene by brushing and flossing, and eating a healthy diet. These daily actions determine your lifelong health. At your routine exams, you check in with our team so that we can provide guidance as to how those daily actions are supporting your health – and possible adjustments to better prevent cavities and periodontal disease.

Been some time since your last dental exam? Take this opportunity to get back on a regular cleaning schedule, and get in touch with your dental health. We look forward to working alongside you to establish superb oral health that will serve you for life.

Dental Exam & Teeth Cleaning

Your routine appointment consists of several different components. Depending on how long it’s been since your last exam, as well as your personal needs, your appointment may include some or all of the following –

  • Visual examination – This is our opportunity to identify growing dental problems before they pose a serious threat. Scheduling regular exams (typically two per year) provides ample opportunity for your dentist to spot these in their early stages.
  • Diagnostic X-rays – X-rays identify concerns that may not be visible to the eye, including caries between teeth or within cracks or fissures. They also aid in treatment planning for tooth extraction, dental implant surgery, and other forms of oral surgery. We aim to be conservative with x-rays and take them only when necessary to minimize radiation exposure for our patients.
  • Teeth cleaning – During your cleaning, your hygienist removes accumulated plaque and tartar from your teeth to help prevent cavities and gum irritation that could lead to gingivitis.
  • Teeth polishing – Polishing your teeth helps remove superficial stains and send you out of the office with a gleaming smile.

Periodontal Disease Prevention

Periodontal disease is the number one source of tooth loss. It is imperative that we monitor your gums for signs of gingivitis or periodontitis. Unfortunately, periodontal disease can be difficult to identity before it becomes more serious. Early symptoms can include red, dark purple or swollen gums that may bleed when touched, as well as bad breath. As disease progresses, teeth may feel loose, spaces may form between teeth, and the gum line may recede.

Periodontal disease can also be painless – so it’s especially tricky to spot at home, especially if you’re not experiencing discomfort. Scheduling regular exams will make it possible for you to stop disease before it reaches a more serious stage.

How often should I schedule dental exams?

The exam schedule that is recommended for the majority of patients is twice per year. Your personal schedule may differ depending on your dental history and your daily habits. If you have a history of gum disease, we will want to see you in the office more frequently.

Talk to Dr. Singh about what makes the most sense for your needs.